Tehachapi Humane Society

Tehachapi Humane Society

Tehachapi Humane Society is a non-profit, public service organization which works towards rescuing dogs and to finding them a second chance at life. It works alongside other agencies and organizations to help dogs found in the streets of the surrounding towns. Those found in the streets can either be stray dogs or stray animals that have been abandoned by their owners.

In Tehachapi, the Tehachapi Humane Society was established in 1991 by the effort of two people, Ms. Galante and Mr. Khokher. Although the number of dogs available for adoption is still limited, there are still several dogs in their shelters that require special care and attention. Most of the dogs are puppies who are young with their teeth not yet fully grown.

Dogs that are rescued from straying are usually pets left behind by the owners who are unable to take care of them because of their financial situation. Sometimes these dogs are left on the streets after being chased away by family members. The owners don’t realize that a dog might be capable of getting into fights or is actually aggressive to other dogs. Therefore, the person has to find another way to care for the dog.

In cases where the owner doesn’t know that the dog might have aggression towards other dogs, there are also cases where the dogs can be left without an owner due to their being considered as ‘abandoned’ by their previous owners. In this case, it’s a matter of survival for the dog and the owner has to find another way to care for the dog.

In Tehachapi, the Tehachapi Humane Society has set up its own boarding facility. This facility caters to abandoned and neglected dogs that need medical attention and boarding to stay healthy. The homes for abandoned dogs have been well-screened for their fit for dog ownership. Those who want to come to the facility can do so by just visiting their official website. While there they can view all the options available for adoption. By visiting the official website they are also able to see pictures of the dogs in their facility and get acquainted with them.

There are also people who are visiting the shelter to visit their dogs. These dogs usually belong to the families of those who came in order to visit the shelter. They are also those who have come in order to adopt a dog from the facility.

During the visits to the shelter, the potential dog adopters are asked to fill out a questionnaire that is required to participate in the program. Some of the questions that are asked are whether the prospective dog adopters will be adopting a dog or if they are coming to adopt a puppy.

After the visit, these potential dog adopters can then leave a sign that they have visited the shelter and will be returning in a few days. If they agree to come back in a week or two weeks, they can also sign a contract agreeing to be a part of the program.

The dogs that are adopted are put up for adoption immediately after their visit to the shelter. The dogs are usually picked up by the new owners the same day that they were taken to the shelter. However, it takes about one or two days for the new owners to pick up the new dog, depending on the location of their homes.

The new owner of the dog is usually asked to pay the adoption fee on the spot. These fees vary depending on the dog that is adopted, but the Adoption Fees Pay-day is the only time when a new owner needs to make any form of payment.

You can also go online and make an online donation to the Tehachapi Humane Society, which helps pay for the support and activities that the organization runs. If you have friends and relatives who are willing to adopt a dog from the shelter, then you can visit their site and let them know about the donation program that they run through their site.